Barnett string dampeners improve the experience of shooting your crossbow to keep you focused on your shot. The crossbow string dampener easily attach to select Barnett crossbows, with a dampener that connects to the string on either side of the flight 2-day shipping. buy string dampener at Walmart.comDampen and quiet your bow with bow string dampeners from the pros at 60x. We offer various makes, models and colors. Order today for fast & free shippingIt is tempting to suggest that Northants’ second string bore little resemblance to the challenge Bangladesh will face at Lord’s. But they did have to contend with Bilal Shafayat, who has been in more.Rated 5 out of 5 by Dwood from Impressive Dampener with Dramatic Effects I purchased this string dampener after using my TenPoint for two years. The installation was easy and dampener works incredibly well. It is amazing how much it quiets the crossbow. So much so that a miss does not always equate to a running deer but rather an alerted deer that will settle down in little while.Vibration Reduction Dampers. Install Vibration Reduction Dampeners and Bow Dampers from Lancaster Archery Supply to increase stabilizer dampening and absorb shock.The AiR Sound Source delivers the natural tone of a grand piano with string and damper resonance, and even includes mechanical damper and key sounds. With the PX-S1000’s Bluetooth audio playback.Crossbow Dampeners and Silencers. It needs to fit your crossbow very snugly to be the most efficient. It gets hit with a lot of kinetic energy every time you let loose an arrow. I’m not familiar enough with the model of your bow to know if an SDS in made for it, but do start with the manufacturer first.Ask the Pro Shop: String Dampeners. "The ‘worm’ type dampener that weaves across many of the main strings will dampen more sound than the ‘button’ type, which only pinches between two of the mains," points out Heydt. "Players who want a pock sound elect to use a worm dampener, players who only want a tiny ping use a button dampener,Because of this, all taps with the fretting hand will be notated as hammer-ons. Also, It can be helpful to use a string dampener to eliminate excessive string noise particularly with some of the.