Welcome to Washtenaw County’s Soil Erosion and sedimentation (sesc) control program. This program works to protect surface water and the environment from the negative impacts of soil erosion pollution that are the result of earth changes.Using plants for erosion control is an excellent biological method to safeguard the landscape and the shape of the land. There are many types of erosion control plants, but preventing erosion with native plants complements and accents the natural landscape. Native plants also need less specialized care and maintenance. Reducing Soil ErosionSoil erosion is the displacement of the upper layer of soil, it is one form of soil degradation.This natural process is caused by the dynamic activity of erosive agents, that is, water, ice (glaciers), snow, air (wind), plants, animals, and humans.soil erosion control New england wetland plants, Inc distributes a broad range of erosion control products which allows us to provide a solution to most erosion control issue. Call us with your erosion control questions and our experienced professionals will be able to assist with product selection and installation guidance.No-till can reduce labor, fuel, and machinery costs, but more importantly it increases carbon and organic life in the soil,Program Overview The mission of the Erosion and Sediment Control (E&SC) Program is to allow development within our state while preventing pollution by sedimentation. In cooperation with the sedimentation control commission and pursuant to the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act of 1973, the Erosion and Sediment Control Program:Erosion is a serious problem for gardeners with sloped yards. If left unchecked, it can cause the loss of valuable topsoil, drastically change the landscape and pollute nearby waterways. Plants.How to Control Erosion. Erosion occurs when the top layer of soil is swept away by natural or man-made forces, making it extremely difficult to grow any vegetation on the site. Erosion can turn once healthy, vibrant land into arid,While knowledge of how soil erosion occurs and how to control it is firmly established, more research is needed on how to measure soil loss rates and budget for measures to reduce them – remain under.