If you face domestic violence charges in Tampa or are being investigated for those charges, it is important to contact an experienced Tampa domestic violence attorney. An attorney can help you aggressively fight these charges, get a bond to ease the process of turning yourself in in case of a warrant. How To Defend Against Domestic Violence.As a result of having handled hundreds of domestic violence and abuse cases, we get right to the issue in a case where men who are falsely accused of domestic assault by a spouse who wishes to obtain the upper hand in a divorce or a child custody action. Call 813-295-7854 to schedule a consultation.Domestic violence law refers to crimes involving domestic abuse, such as child abuse and child neglect, spousal abuse or domestic-partner abuse, and elder abuse. Domestic abuse isn’t just physical; it also covers the threats, emotional abuse, harassment, and stalking that a spouse, partner, or date uses to control someone else’s behavior.Federal investigators looking to prevent acts of domestic terrorism. flag troublesome behavior in advance, and whether law.Other allegations in the lawsuit mirror earlier reports obtained by the Tampa Bay Times from child welfare agencies. At the.Victims of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible. A Tampa lawyer can obtain a restraining order, which is legal injunction that prevents the abuser from contacting you at work or at home, or from being within a certain distance of your location. It can also prohibit.Tampa Criminal Lawyer. The Mayberry Law Firm is a criminal defense firm that provides "client first" legal services to those investigated or charged with State and Federal crimes. Our criminal lawyers have exclusively served Tampa and the surrounding areas throughout our entire careers.Call now to speak with a lawyer with experience defending domestic assault and domestic violence charges in Tampa, Florida and the greater Hillsborough County area. Lakeland, FL (863) 838-5549 Tampa, FL (813) 789-6404. related articles You Might Like. Expunge Your Domestic Violence Arrest from background checkstampa domestic violence Lawyer. Separate and apart from any potential criminal penalties that may result from acts of domestic violence, Florida recognizes the existence of a civil action for an injunction for protection against domestic violence.