Here’s the thing, upgrading the program of your mind can be easy and it can even be fun – IF you know how to do it. This is what Bob Proctor refers to as a Paradigm Shift, and it’s quite possibly the most valuable piece of information needed to live a full and successful life.By Bob Proctor Do you have a definite purpose that guides your ambitions, vision, and goals? W. and everything falls into place. The key to your life is not that you settle for the “safe” thing that will bring. D:ArticlesPurpose, Vision, Go.After his first reading, Bob had a giant paradigm shift because it exposed him to an entirely different way of thinking. Using the coaching and insights laid out in the book Bob Proctor. you.He also explains how to shift a paradigm to change your life forever.. But they can be useless unless you change your paradigm. bob proctor explains how to make affirmations work for you.. Becoming your Best Self. Our aim is to help you believe in yourself and Manifest your Dreams into.Would you like to transform your finances, health, or lifestyle? Join me on the LIVE Steam of Bob Proctor’s paradigm shift. watch from anywhere in the world as you discover how to achieve things you never dreamed possible. Learn more. (insert hoplink) tweetables option 1 Watch paradigm shift live stream: (insert shortened HOPLINK) @bobproctorliveBob Proctor is a consultant, author, lecturer, and motivational speaker who has. lives by transforming their minds to believe in the limitless abundance that is all around us. May his quotes help you to take your life to greater heights and live a life of.. with your dream and make it a priority, or it will never become a reality.The Higher Side Of You. Receive tips, tools and strategies on how to shift your Paradigms and transform your lifeA Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior.and almost all of our behavior is habitual. Shift your Paradigm by impressing the image of the "new you" on your subconscious mind every day while feeling really good and excited about the new life you’ve decided to create.

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