This video,, can also be seen at Essential Tools No Car Mechanic Should Be Without By the DIY Experts of The Family Handyman Magazine Car mechanics reveal the 20 automotive tools they couldn’t live without, including a battery-powered impact wrench, an air ratchet, a bolt spinner and an automotive stethoscope.How far off is Ltd (ASX:CAR. t be the only metric you look at when researching a company. The DCF model 20 tools every car mechanic should have? im slowly building my toolset i have a huge toolbox need the right tools. I cant tell you how many times i went to fix something on my car and didnt have the right tool. looking for a list of tools every car mechanic should have from head to toe.An electric impact wrench is a heckuva lot better than a hand wrench. But seriously, nothing beats raw air power and air tools when you want to make quick work of just about any auto or small-engine repair. But first you need a real air compressor like the one shown, not some wimpy $99 2-gallon unit designed to run a nail gun. · Car Repair and Maintenance. Your car’s manual, which should be in the glove compartment already. Tyre pressure gauge: As Jalopnik points out: checking tyre pressure on a regular basis can improve handling, increase fuel economy, promote tyre longevity and even save lives. Duct tape and WD-40.Q: I have seen you give several suggestions for storing cars. Although it won’t help with the humidity, it will as least.Whether you’re adding aftermarket part to your vehicle or changing the oil regularly, make sure you have a large collection of automotive tools to get the job done. From socket sets to lift equipment to professional-grade air tools, no auto maintenance project is too big or too small when you have the right mechanic’s tool.4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have May 4, 2016 Random junk all over the place. A junk drawer is exactly as it sounds; a drawer with random stuff strewn about for no rhyme or reason.This dent repair this from GLISTON provides you. it will be much cheaper than taking your vehicle to a bodyshop to have the dent removed. The Yoohe PDR tool kit gives you the basics for removing a.