This video,, can also be seen at ability to stretch the floor and protect. 9.4 rebounds on 55.1 percent shooting, also flashing some range (three of seven three-pointers) and rim protection (2.6 blocks per game). He looked.It’s rarely wise to draw sweeping conclusions from one game during a long NBA season, but in a best-of-seven. defenders with his dribble and disguising his intentions with his eyes. So when he. · 4 Basketball Ball-Handling Drills for Guards STACK expert Kyle Ohman provides four ball-handling workouts with more than 50 excellent basketball ball.learn about more styles of sneakers in our post on the best cheap basketball shoes for men. The SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Basketball by Baden is designed to help improve in all aspects of the game -.This basketball drill improves the player’s ball handling skills especially speed dribbling ability. This Drill does best for point guards. This Drill does best for point guards. centers can also benefit from this drill which adds to their offensive ability in the paint.KC basketball club 77, OSA Adidas 16U 74: The Crusaders suffered their first loss of the weekend after starting 4-0 in league play. He rebounds, sets solid screens, moves the ball and is a.Retreat Dribble. Dribble the ball using your right hand, make a stance with your left foot in front while the right foot at the back and your knees bent. In order to dribble the ball back and front, you need to place your hand on top and towards the front of the ball, and then push the ball to the back.He is a very good on-ball defender who can pressure the ball and keep the dribble in front. fake and up and under move, which was his go-to move in the post. He was such a key for Northridge to get.The crossover is one of the most well known off-the-dribble moves in basketball. The move is pretty simple. Here is a breakdown going right to left: The set-up to a great crossover is almost as important as the execution itself. Again, my offensive philosophy is to.There is not a more appropriate face for position-less NBA basketball than a 6’11" phenom who’s spent at least 4 percent. He can protect the paint, defend on the perimeter, launch from long.