This video,, can also be seen at water softener that uses salt or a salt-free conditioner – What is better for me? There is no simple answer to that question – much of it depends upon where you live and your lifestyle. For example, some counties (especially in California) have banned water softeners, so you are limited to a salt-free conditioner, even if you don’t want one.At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we stand behind our water softeners, whether salt or saltless. To learn more about our Kinetico water softeners, or saltless water systems, call 888-741-9025 today. We’ll provide a free water analysis to determine which option is best suited for your home.A saltless water softener, also known as a salt free water softener, a no salt water softener, or simply a descaler, prevents hard water scaling on the inside of your pipes without using the water softener salt required by conventional water softeners.Instead, saltless water softeners use a variety of technologies, from filtering through various media, to electrical pulses or magnetic treatment.Salt Free Water Conditioning Vs Water Softeners – NOT THE SAME – Orange County CA Water Softener. October 19, 2018 alfonso richmond. This video, https:. Open vs Closed Back Headphones for GAMING – Which Is Best? Gun Club VR – Oculus Quest – Trailer;I currently have a salt free water conditioner, but have had salt brine water softeners in the past. If you want truly soft water, the softener has to remove calcium and magnesium, period. So far, I have nnt been able to find a salt free system that does this.SCM salt-free technology is proven to reduce scale on internal pipes and plumbing. Unlike salt based softeners, Aquasana’s Salt-Free Water Conditioner will not demineralize your water, harm your pipes with harsh salt, or put excessive amounts of sodium waste into our communal water supply.What is the Difference between a Water Conditioner and a Water Softener? Many people wonder whether there is a difference between a water conditioner and a water softener. At RainSoft, we use the terms interchangeably. The reason many people refer to a water conditioner as a softener is because these systems improve the quality of hard water.