This video,, can also be seen at”And all the way along, someone has told her, You can’t ski and snowboard. You have to pick. You have to pick.’ And she said no. And you take that and put it with the heart and head that is Ester,How to Put on Your Snowboard Boots and Bindings You’ve seen the professionals ripping powder and you’re excited to get on your snowboard and give it a try. Before you can start carving turns, you’ll need to learn the basics: how to put on your boots and how to strap into your bindings.Since its mid-1960s inception, snowboarding has seen such a boom in popularity that it is now an event at the Winter Olympics . Since its mid-1960s inception, snowboarding has seen such a boom in.Many ski resorts both in lower Michigan and the upper peninsula offer miles of glistening snow perfect for downhill skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities like cross-country skiing,Put the screw inside of the washer then place them into the screw holes. Using either the appropriate screwdriver or a drill, attach the screws into the snowboard. Repeat these steps for the second binding. Now put down the screwdriver, throw your snowboard in the car, and go hit the mountain with your brand new snowboard tailored to you!To get a little speed you need to climb up an incline. Take your back foot out of the binding and walk up the incline. In order to avoid sliding down backwards when stepping on the foot still bound to the board, put the snowboard down perpendicular to the slope, then take a step with your free foot and repeat this process until you have gained a little slope.Setting up your bindings differently can make a huge difference to how your snowboard will feel to ride. Getting your binding position right for your height, weight, riding preferences and the conditions is very important. There are four main things when it comes to setting up your snowboard.Pull the tongue of the liner and shell forward and loosen all the laces on both the liner and outer lacing systems to open up your boot. Slide your foot all the way into the boot. Tap the heel of the boot on the ground to set your heel in the pocket. Make sure the liner is tucked in and against your shin.