This video,, can also be seen at · Through the EB-5 program, you and your immediate family could qualify for green cards through an investment of at least $500,000. But the EB-5 is intended for passive investments into third-party regional centers, which administer and manage your investment. Normally, the EB-5 visa has nothing to do with buying a house or real estate.Getty Over the last five years, as federal rules have changed, a rising interest in alternative investments and the creation of online real estate marketplaces through a direct-to. “Today’s.Green Card Investment The EB5 visa is essentially a green card through investment. Investors are rewarded with a green card (after two years), although these are limited to 10,000 applicants per year with 5,000 of this total reserved for regional centres. · Green Card Through Real Estate Investment – Latest News about eb5 visa investment is one of the most prestigious avenues for foreign nationals to achieve both lawful resident status and financial opportunities in the United States, specifically, real estate investment.Those seeking a florida green card, which entitles them. mind you can now immerse yourself into the real estate property business in Florida, follow them and I can assure you won’t never regret.Permanent Residence through a $500,000 Investment Under the EB-5 Visa Program, a $500,000 investment in a "Regional Center" enables foreign investors to qualify for the Green Card without the constraints of having to set up and manage a U.S. business.The normal requirement for getting a U.S. green card based on investment in a U.S. business is $1.8 million (as of November 21, 2019). However, the dollar amount of the investment may be reduced to $900,000 under certain circumstances, described below. Note: For years, the minimum investment as described in this article was $500,000.There are interesting immigration possibilities for investors, and under the EB-5 program you may be granted permanent resident status (a “Green card. investment operations in Portugal for a.SHANGHAI (Reuters) – While Jared Kushner’s family company apologized this week for mentioning the White House adviser’s name when wooing Chinese investors to fund a New Jersey real estate. a U.S..Trump has previously used the EB-5 visa program as a source of funding for some of his real estate projects. investors coming to the US and receiving a green card in exchange for a qualifying.