Bow String Silencer/Dampener Review Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer. This is a very popular string silencer, made from a small ball of beaver fur. It is a perfect match for recurve bows, for the more traditional archer prefers natural materials to complement their wooden bow.3rivers archery Supply Your Longbow & Recurve Experts. 3Rivers archery offers quality traditional archery bows and arrows, along with other archery equipment, at reasonable prices to the world. From the bowhunter to the target shooter, 3Rivers Archery has all the traditional archery supplies you need.. silencers. Have you got all that? If so, you’re ready to discuss most weights and measurements related to archery. When someone asks your bow’s draw weight or arrow speed, fill your answer with.Silence a string that makes too much of a zing with our list of the best string silencers!Noisy bowstrings aren’t great if you’re a hunter and they can be off-putting if you’re a recreational shooter too. You don’t want your bow sounding like some kind of badly tuned instrument!Use Bow Silencers and Bow Dampeners to reduce the vibration on the bow string. Find some of the best Bow String Silencers on the market in our large inventory. Feel free to call us with any questions about the silencers on our site.Dampen and quiet your bow with bow string silencers from the pros at 60x. Various styels and colors available. Order today for fast & free shippingDiscover Archery Supplies & Archery Equipment at Bass Pro Shops. Shop bow & arrows, compound bows, crossbows, archery accessories & more at, DC – -( On january 14 2016, the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) will consider eliminating the current prohibition on hunting with legally possessed firearm sound.Mission’s six-bow lineup covers a range of price points, IBO ratings, mass weights and cam systems. The Maniac features an adjustable dual-cam system, parallel limbs, limb mounted String Suppressors.All Accessories Cases Silencers Broadheads Cocking Devices Shooting Accessories Cocking device replacement parts scopes strings & cables. reduces crossbow and vertical bow noise and vibration for crossbow and vertical bows with limb gaps between 11/16" and 1 3/8".. 2019 TenPoint Crossbow.